I apologize for having not written much over the last few weeks. Life has been…well…chaotic lately as the seasons change and circumstances along with it.

In case anyone hasn’t noticed, I recently decided to “re-vamp” On Yonder. Things were feeling a bit too cluttered and I realized that I wasn’t really able to hone in on any one particular niche. Although the original intention of this blog was to not limit myself to a single topic, (catchphrase ‘Ridiculously Random’), I was beginning to feel like I was posting things simply for the sake of having more content on the site, and not because I found any depth within said content.

I have taken out “Musical Monday” and a few pieces from “Adventures”, but I have kept mostly everything else. I would like to see this blog capture more of what I know about (or plan on learning about), and ultimately what I love so that I can give you, my readers, solid pieces, and knowledgeable opinions. Therefore, you will be reading more about hiking, nature, science, and literature, with a few odds and ends along the way. Sometimes a bit of organization and a change of direction is good to keep the mind focused and fresh.

I hope you’ll continue reading On Yonder, and thank you, everyone, who has given me such positive feedback thus far!

Happy Trails,